We combine engineering and technology with state of the art innovation to offer innovate and reliable solutions

Our Mission

Improving the quality of life and achieving system performance
through development and integration of electromagnetic technologies.

What we do

Our focus: electromagnetic waves



We analyze, study, predict, evaluate and measure them



We are able to transmit and receive them to produce high performance systems



We can modify them, direct them where convenient, control them for interference-free ICT systems

Who we are


We design and produce devices for transmission, receiving and processing of electromagnetic signals. Founded in 2017 in Pisa by a group of researchers and engineers with a high level expertise in applied electromagnetics, coming from the Microwave and Radiation laboratory of Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa, from research center (CNIT), and from private enterprise world.

System Integration

Proprietary numerical codes
for analysis and design

Synthesis and optimization
based on evolutionary algorithms
Electromagnetic Interference Prediction and Control (EMIC)

Electromagnetic Safety
in occupational and general public environments
Biological effects of e.m. fields
Electromagnetic Compatibility of devices and subsystems
Estimation and measurement of e.m. field levels

Network radio-planning

Antennas and Sensor

Conformal Cavity Backed V/UHF antennas
for integrated future masts

for composite and metallic tower

Integrated configurable metamaterial


Assemblies of multiple elements
fashioned from composite materials such as metals or plastics.

The materials are usually arranged
in repeating patterns, at scales that are smaller than the wavelengths of the phenomena they influence.

represent the 2D version of metamaterials. They have been applied to large number of scenarios.

Tailor made approach

Our approach is tailor-made each client has his own measures, his needs, his goals that we contribute to achieve. We follow our costumers up to the productive level (TRL9).

Our Products


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Co-financed Projects

Progetto Minosse


Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020.

During the hair removal in the wet processing of raw hides, specific alkaline substances as lime and sodium sulphide are used. Such treatment determines a strong impact on the quality of the derived wastewater as well as on safety of the working environment, because of the released organic pollution loading, suspended solids and sulphides.

The latter in the pickling phase, in acidic conditions, releases in the environment gaseous sulphidric acid, thus having an important weight in terms of environmental impact and risk for workers.



Project co-financed by Fondo Crescità Sostenibile and POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

TERSA is an R&D Project aiming to develop and integrate two types of radars and technologies for electric propulsion on SAPR (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System). The Project outcome will substantially increase the dual (civilian and military) operational surveillance capability: data collection and control on land and sea, integration in civil air traffic ensuring low environmental impact.

There will be realized two prototypes, one related to the conventional configuration mode and the other to the VTOL one, each one testing one subset of operational capabilities.



Project financed by POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

The Zero-Dry project sets itself the goal of realizing a process of indirect heating drying of organic waste with high moisture content, capable of massively reduce the water content without producing harmful gaseous emissions and/or odorous or watery waste, with minimized energy consumption.